Terms of service (TOS)

Terms and Conditions for participation in the “Cookie System”

By using the Cookie System on this website, and all services related to the Cookie System (Stream, Casino, etc.), you agree to the following conditions, which can be changed or expanded at any time.

Personal data we collect for the Cookie System from you:

  • If you decide to log in using Twitch’s authentication feature (provided by the Twitch API), we collect your Twitch-related user information to verify your identity. In doing so, we act correctly with respect to the limitations set by the Twitch API’s terms of use. Don’t worry, this feature is secure and is based on the OAuth 2.0 protocol. At no time do we gain access to your Twitch account or login data such as passwords or similar.

No guarantee

The Cookie System and associated services are offered without any warranty. This includes, for example, a guarantee of the accuracy or completeness of the content or the availability of the systems.


This website/services are in no way associated with the following brands/companies:

  • Twitch or any other brand or service of Twitch Interactive, Inc., a subsidiary of Amazon.com

Cookie System prizes

The decision to give away things is based on a voluntary choice. Prizes can be withdrawn at any time, even if a potential winner has already been drawn. If someone participates with multiple (bot) accounts or in any other malicious manner – or if someone uses hacks, exploits, or other malicious things to participate in the giveaway, they can be excluded from all giveaways at any time. If a winner redeems a prize and provides false information, such as a wrong address or wrong email, there is no claim to the prize/actual winner.