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  1. default (L & XL)
  2. full-desk (XXL)
  1. 49.0cmx42.0cmx 4.0mm
  2. 50.0cmx50.0cmx 4.0mm
  3. 100.0cmx50.0cmx 4.0mm

Materials & processing

Surface material:
polyester ("fabric")
Surface details:
interlock circular knitting
Base / Bottom:
Edge stitched:


Color(s):black, red
Design(s):solid color


Available since:January 2023
Special features:

Available in 2 hardnesses / thicknesses (base):

  • Soft
  • Extra Soft

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Available at
Manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP):64.90$

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Manufacturer's product description

Welcome to the next edition of our mousepads, the PRO series! The PRO series brings many changes compared to the standard series, on which we have worked for over a year. The surface has not changed, but the base material is much softer than our standard rubber base. The new Xsoft foam base allows the user to achieve more braking force by pressing into the pad and offers an overall more comfortable experience while still effortlessly adhering to your desk surface. The softer base has also allowed us to further improve the seam. The new seam is tighter, more durable, and even less noticeable during use. All PRO series pads are delivered flat-packed, so they lie flat immediately after unpacking.

The Saturn mousepad is designed for those who want control but still want easy glide. Aptly named after Saturn, it offers good control with a special touch. The static friction is on the lower end of the spectrum for control pads, while the dynamic friction gives a firm feel without being “mushy.” The surface itself is mostly smooth but has a slight texture. It features a natural rubber base and edged edges.

Due to the nature of the Xsoft base, please allow a deviation of ~1 cm in size.

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